4 man wrecking crew! 2-27-11 SL then Crew!

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4 man wrecking crew! 2-27-11 SL then Crew!

Post  SixUnder on Sun Feb 27, 2011 11:57 am

and myself...
we had "noob" and Pathion for SL part but dont think they stayed for Crew fight.

there was atleast, 9 maybe 10 SL?
i dont know how many crew total but a bunch, but we killed everyone made them log, cry and beg for mercy.

started in SL base, then found crew in dsp...all dead, fall down, go boom...
apologize for the limited SL pics but i didnt get my UOSU opened till after 3/4 were dead.

and yes we killed all of crew on sampires, and spawning chars besides bacarra on his blue mage.

I gave them so much shit in general chat.


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