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Post  SixUnder on Mon Feb 21, 2011 7:35 am

am i psycho? yea

do alot of you like me? no

do i give a fuck? hell no

last night we had a 4 way fight between crew, nrzd, com, and 4 of us..while in channel with 15.. 2 in another channel, 2 more in another channel, and 3 in the lobby.. and prolly 10 in afk...

got pretty bad for us considering there was 15+crew, 15+ nrzd, 10 com, and 4 of us so other 3 died and left which is kool, but me being me i went back and got me some sweet berry juice revenge on these assholes..

so 40 vs. 4

guess what know all the numbers they had?

I fuckin killed them all. Guerilla tactics my friends, there is always a way to win or atleast have fun in a fight. And last night i showed just how one guy can do some serious damage to a entire shard.

SO , i went back in a 2nd time on my factioner... and brought and summoned me my little friend. And he said hi to all. i dragged him from one side to the other across the island. He killed every single person in that dungeon, at one time i was the only alive for about 1 minute and a half. In the end sure i died, but i took everyone of them down with me and some more than once.

There is always a way!

SO eat my footlong and a bag of nuts to those who would not come help.


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